Upgrade – Dual Drive System for Scalar Heatbed



This page is dedicated to the Dual Drive system Heatbed upgrade.

The assembly is the same for all Scalar 3D printers, only the spacing between each side of the drive system will vary based on the size of your heatbed.

A few pictures

Here are a few pictures of the upgrade

Dual Drive System

Dual Drive SystemDual Drive System

Dual Drive System

What benefits do i get with this upgrade:

  • Increase the robustness of the sliding guides
  • Removes any smooth rods
  • Allows to drive heavier heatbed
  • Reduces vibrations and noise
  • The heatbed now has a dual belt system that forward the motion on both side of it. The heatbed will move at the same speed on each guiding sides.
  • The guides alignement is also easier to achieve.

A few words on PDF 3D

Assembly guide:

  1. Extrusion guides preparation
  2. Rails assembly
  3. Upgrade – Fixation of the rails below the heatbed plate
  4. Belt installation
  5. Positioning on the chassis

PDF 3D : Final Assembly