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Before Starting – Tools

Here is the list of the tools that you will require in order to assemble your 3D printer:

Tools provided inside the kit:

  1. 1Allen key set: Will help you to stighten the chassis screws, the Mk8 direct drive gear and the pulleys.
  2. 1 ceramique screw driver: Will be required when you are calibrating the current of the stepper motor drivers.
  3. Polyamide Tape: Will be required to prepare and protect your aluminum heatbed before printing.
  4. 1 Pen Sharpener: Will help you to sharpen the tip of the plastic filament in order to make it easier to push the filament up into the hot end input.
  5. 1 SD-Card: Already pre loaded with a lot of resources (Stl models of the plastic parts, softwares, firmwares, printing profiles, goodies…),You can also use it to print using the SD-Card reader located on the side of your 3D printer.

Tools not provided into the kit:

  1. 1 philips screw driver: Will help you with certain screws, such as heatbed wood screws, and screws used to fix 2 plastic parts together.
  2. 1 bubble level: Will help you to align the smooth rods with the chassis.
  3. 1 meter/40cm ruller: Will help you to place the different elements at the proper location on the chassis.
  4. 1 cutting pliers : Will help you to cut the colson collars, wires and so on.
  5. 1 scalpel with some blades: Usefull to clean up some plastic parts if needed.
  6. 1 wood file: To adjust/cleanup some plastic parts.