Scalar S – Build instruction

Scalar S : Notice de montage

Scalar S

Here is all the build instruction and the illustrated assembly manual for Scalar S 3D printer.

Safety Notice

Requirements :

  1. Tools
  2. Extrusion profile comparison


PDF 3D are link to this documentation and should allow you to better understand the build process.
For more details on how to use them, please  read the PDF 3D instructions

Notice de montage

  1. Building the chassis
  2. Y Axis rail assembly (heatbed)
  3. Y Axis Assembly
  4. Belt installation on Y Axis
  5. Z Axis Strong jaws assembly
  6. X Axis Assembly
  7. Belt installation on X Axis
  8. E3D V6 Installation on X Axis carriage
  9. PTFE liner installation on E3D Lite hot end
  10. Direct Drive assembly
  11. Aluminium Spool holder assembly
  12. Electronic box installation on the chassis
  13. Electronic Wiring

Scalar S PDF 3D

First steps

  1. First use Cautions
  2. Installing 3D printer filament (Bowden version)
  3. Extruder Calibration
  4. Commissioning your 3D printer (with LCD screen)
  5. ZOffset calibration without LCD screen
  6. First steps with Cura
  7. What is the best « Layer height » for your 3D printer
  8. Upgrading/Updating your firmware (Version 1.1.8 Available 11/08/2018)
  9. Need some Help ? Read the FAQ

Pre-Built parts assembly guide

  1. E3DV6 hot end assembly (old version)
  2. Aluminium heatbed preparation


  1. How to improve / Fix Z Wobble

Additional resources

  1. Play Music at the end of your prints
  2. ATX power supply conversion for 3D printer
  3. Inductor sensor wiring  (12V version)