[Scalar M] chassis Assembly


List of parts

  • 8 x  square holders
  • 32 x M6x12mm screws
  • 32 x  M6 T-Nuts
  • 4 x 40cm extrusion profile
  • 1 x 50cm extrusion profile
  • 6 x side covers
  • [Provided] 1 Allen key

General tips when using 3030 aluminum extrusion

The printer kit chassis is based on Aluminum extrusion of various sizes, of some metallic square holders and a set of screws + T-Nuts.






Each square holder is coming with a set of 4 M6x12 screws and 4 T-Nuts .

Mounting square holders :
Off course you can do it many ways, but we will give you here the easier way we found, that allows you to quickly assemble your kit.




Take 2 M6 screws and place them on 2 side by side slots.
Then prepare the T-Nuts.





Start to screws the T-Nuts slightly .







The best is to place the T-Nuts so that they are parallel to each other.






Then approach then from the extrusion and slide them inside the extrusion slot.






Here is a side view, the nuts must be aligned with the extrusion slot so that they can perfectly fit inside.

Once aligned you should be able to properly fit the nuts inside the slot.





When screwing the M6 screws, the nut must perform a 90° angle turn and place lock the whole system as shown in the picture.

It can happen that 1 nut won’t turn properly because of various reasons. Be careful that it fully turns otherwise the lock performed buy the nut won’t be efficient.

So take a few seconds to make sure that each Nut has properly turned 90° inside the slot . When you unscrews the nut, it should perform another 90° angle counterclockwise and allow the whole system to be unmounted from the extrusion profile.

Base assembly (Video)

List of parts :

  • 4 x square holders
  • 16 x M6x12mm screws
  • 16 x M6 T-Nuts
  • 6 x 40cm extrusion profile
  • 1 x 50cm extrusion profile
  • [Provided] 1 Allen key



Place all the extrusion as shown on the picture.

. Now pre-assembled each of the 4 square holders with their set of screws + T-Nuts.




Here is a zoomed view of each corner of the assembly with pre-mounted square holders.

Screw each square holder on each corners

Here is the chassis base once every square holders are in place.






Side mounts assembly (video)

List of parts :

  • 2 square holders
  • 8 x M6x12mm screws
  • 8 x T-Nuts
  • 2 x 40cm extrusion profiles
  • [Provided] 1  Allen key



Measure 160cm taking into reference the end of 1 corner (On the video we measure 128mm from the inside of the base =>160-30mm = 130mm)

So 160mm is from outside of the base and 130mm (or 128mm) is from the inside.

16cm will give you the proper place where to position the side mounts.

Once in place screw them using a square holder.






Here are the side mounts once assembled.






Assembly of the top mount  (video)

List of parts

  • 2 x square holders
  • 8 x M6x12mm screws
  • 8 x T-Nuts
  • 1 x 50cm extrusion profile
  • [Provided] 1 Allen key

For this step, take the longer extrusion profile (50cm) that should be remaining and place it on top of the side mounts.Use a pair of square holders to fix it.
This should look like on the picture.


Finish (Video)

List of parts

  •  6 side covers

Take the 6 side covers that look like on the picture.






Place them in front of the far sides of the extrusion profiles. You might need to push a little bit in order to properly position them.





Push them entirely with some force. If you struggle too much use a hammer and slightly hit the flat side of the side covers, then they should get inside easily.





Final result