Scalar M 3D printer: Assembly instructions


You will find here the different steps illustrated showing you how to build your Scalar M 3D printer.

Each step is heavily documented with a detailed description, pictures and a video tutorial.


  1. Tools needed
  2. The different kinds of extrusion profiles

Steps you need to perform

  1. Chassis assembly
  2. X axis assembly (Horizontal)
  3. Z axis assemby (Vertical)
  4. Build plateform
  5. Y axis belt setup
  6. End Stops setup
  7. X axis belt setup
  8. Hot End Installation (E3D V6)
  9. Hot End Installation (AluHotEnd)
  10. 12v 360w power supply installation
  11. Wiring of the power supply on the chassis
  12. Extruder assembly on the chassis
  13. Fixation of the electronics on the chassis
  14. 12V 220W Heatbed wiring
  15. Electronics wiring

First steps

  1. First use caution
  2. Commissioning your 3D printer
  3. Filament installation (Bowden version)
  4. First steps with cura
  5. what is the best layer height for your 3D printer
  6. Firmware upgrade (Version 1.1.9 available 11/08/2018)
  7. Need some Help ? Read the FAQ

Manuals of already pre-mounted parts

  1. 12V 360W power supply assembly
  2. AluHotEnd assembly
  3. E3D V6 Full Metal hot end assembly
  4. AllInOne Full Metal Hot end assembly
  5. Y axis assembly
  6. Extruder Assembly
  7. Heat bed assembly (obsolete)
  8. Heat bed assembly V2 (All aluminum)
  9. Electronic assembly


  1. Extruder calibration
  2. PID tunning
  3. How to improve /Fix Z Woobble

Additional Resources

  1. Play Audio/Music when your print ends
  2. Atx power supply conversion for 3d printer usage
  3. Inductor probe wiring diagram

Spare parts to print

Available Accessories