Scalar L/XL Premium/XL Premium 40 : Assembly manual

Scalar L : Notice de montage

Scalar L

Scalar XL : Notice de montage

Scalar XL Premium 40

This page shows the different steps needed for the full assembly of your Scalar L and XL premium 3D printer.

Each step is described in details with the addition of Pdf 3D.


  1. Tools
  2. The different kinds of extrusion profiles

A few words of Pdf 3D

Pdf3D are integrated along the documentation to give you more details on the possible missing points of view or to clarify the existing ones.

For more information on how to use them please take a few moments to look into the manual:

Assembly Manual

  1. Chassis Assembly
  2. Dual Drive system for Heatbed
  3. (optional – for information only) Aluminium Heatbed assembly
  4. 12V power supply installation
  5. Strong jaws assembly
  6. Z and Y Axis wiring
  7. X Axis Assembly (Horizontal)
  8. X Axis belt installation
  9. BLTouch installation
  10. hot end installation (E3D V6) and X axis end stop
  11. Dual extrusion kit setup (Upgrade)
  12. Titan Extruder Assembly (Upgrade)
  13. Direct drive assembly
  14. Aluminium spool holder installation
  15. Montage de l’électronique sur le châssis
  16. Electronic wiring
  17. Chassis reinforcement Kit (XL Premium 40 or upgrade)

First Steps

  1. First use caution
  2. Commissioning your 3D printer
  3. Filament installation (Bowden version)
  4. First steps with cura
  5. what is the best layer height for your 3D printer
  6. Firmware upgrade (Version 1.1.5 available 22/09/2017)
  7. Need some Help ? Read the FAQ

Pre assembled parts documentation

  1. 12V 360W PSu assembly
  2. E3D V6 Hot end assembly
  3. Aluminium heatbed V2 assembly (full aluminium)


  1. Extruder calibration
  2. how to improove the quality of the shells on your prints


  1. Firmware upgrade  (Version 1.1.9 Available 11/08/2018)
  2. Play music at the end of your prints
  3. Convert your ATX power supply for your 3D printer
  4. Inductor probe wiring (lj12a3-4-zbx 12V)