Scalar L: Z and Y axis wiring



here is a view of the machine once assembled and the heat bed on it.

Note the ‘ »Front » and the ‘ »Back » side of the machine.

In this section we are going to work on the BACK side of the machine

Y Axis motor

If you haven’t done it yet, here the part of the procedure that will help you assemble the motor on your heat bed.

You will need

  • Y axis motor holder
  • 1 M6x12 screw
  • 1 TNut
  • 1 5×5 coupler
  • 4 M3x8mm screws




Start by assemble the set of screw + Tnut


The coupler comes last.







The M3x8 screws will help you to hold the motor in place.

Note the slots that will help you to adjust the position of the motor.

The best is to align the motor with the bottom of the plastic part. The goal here is that the stepper motor will touch the aluminium chassis once this part is installed on the chassis.



Scalar L - Montage de l'alimentation

Note the location of the motor wire connector on the left!



Prepare the coupler on the motor shaft.

Keep it free for now.




Approach the block to the back of the printer ad align the motor shaft with the smooth rod shaft of the bed.




wiringSecure the block using the M6x12mm screw and move the coupler  so that it’s in the middle of both motor and bed shafts.

You can then tighten the coupler.






wiringOn this machine architecture the wiring is to be prepared during the early stage of the assembly.

The motors have all connectors that allows you to disconnect the motor later on

However the X/Z axis jaws requires that these stepper motor wires are placed first

In green you have the Y Axis end stop wire path.

In blue the one for the Y Axis motor.

The motor connector is placed here toward the top of the picture in order to maximise the length of the wire.


Wires then goes inside the Z Axis extrusion profile grooves.

The wire path is indicated here by the 2 arrows and the blue line.

















Z axis motor holder assembly

  • 2 motor holders
  • 8 M3x8mm screws
  • 2 motors



Note the location of the motor connector here.





once assembled your block should look like this

Again note the location of the motor connector in blue






This block in to be inserted at the back of the chassis, at the base of the Z axis extrusion profile.

Place it high enough so that you can insert the motor wires between the motor and the extrusion profile.




wiringIn blue  you can see how the wires is to be placed. It goes below the motor and then goes behind it as show by the arrows






Once in place you can move the block all the way down.






Scalar L - Montage de l'alimentation

The base of the motor must lay flat on the extrusion profiles.



once in place you should have something similar.





Same on the other side.





Wiring is similar.




The next step is to screw the blocs in place.








Z Axis screw setup

For each motor sides you will need

  • 2 M6x12 screws
  • 2 TNuts




Start with a Tnut and insert it inside the extrusion groove from the top.

Help yourself with any tool such as allen key to hold the nut hole aligned with the plastic part screw hole




Then use a M6x12mm screw to hold everything together.






Same process for the bottom screw








Scalar L - Montage de l'alimentationImportant note

The base of the motor must lay flat on the extrusion profile. Otherwise you might have some Z wobble.


Same thing on the other side.








Again for the other motor holder



PDF 3D:  Complete assembly of the chassis + plate + motors