Scalar L: X axis belt installation


X Axis belt installation:

This part is dedicated to the X Axis.





  • 1 GT2 16 teeth pulley
  • 1 M6x45 screw

The screw is to be inserted from the top of the Idler holder on the right side of the X Axis.

The pulley must be placed the same way as shown on schematic, with the tightening screw at the bottom.

The screw has the only purpose of mainting in position the pulley.



Align the pulley so that the belt will be driven inside the aluminium extrusion grooves








Then use the side screw of the pulley to hold it in place.

The screw must turn freely and the pulley must be attached to the screw.






On the motor side you can also place a GT2 pulley as shown in the picture aligned with the extrusion groove.

These 2 pulleys will guide the gt2 belt of the X Axis.






Also use M3 screw to hold the pulley in place around the motor shaft.









The belt (Scalar L 1.2 Mètres, Scalar XL, 1.3 meter) is to be inserted from the right at the back of the extrusion profile

belt installationIt must be guided between the pulley’s teeth, so make sure that the belt’s teeth are always facing the pulley’s teeth.






Push it up to the other end of the extrusion profile


Make it turn around the motor pulley and go in the the other side of the extrusion profile groove.













A small groove allows the belt to fit inside the extrusion profile groove.






Push it until it reached the carriage

It must go behind

On each side of the carriage, you will find special holes for the belt to go through and get attached to the carriage.














Note the location of the belt teeth pointing forward .






Place 2 clamps and 2 thermoplastic screws to hold the belt in position.

Make sure the belt is centered on the extrusion groove.

On the other side, tighten the belt at maximum and then clamp the belt




It should look like this