Scalar L: Strong Jaws Assembly


Strong Jaws Assembly for X/Z axis

Strong Jaws Assembly

Motor jaws:

List of parts:

  • 1 « back Slider » (plastic part)
  • 1 « Slider motor holder » (plastic part)
  • 16 bearings (625)
  • 16 M5 washer
  • 8 spacers (orange)
  • 8 M5 low profile nuts
  • 8 M5x35mm screws



Bearings Assembly

  • 2 625 bearings
  • 2 M5 washers
  • 1 spacer (orange)




This assembly is given for information without any screws, so that you can see how each part is fitting with the others.





These blocks will be used later on inside plastic part to hold them together.





2 pairs of bearings for each side

You will need 2 pairs of bearings per side of the jaws

The jaws will fit around each extrusion profile.

Each bearing will come into contact with the flat sides of the extrusion profiles. The spacers will be located on top of the extrusion profiles grooves.



Bearings on the jaws

  • 1 « Slider motor holder » (plastic part)
  • 2 sets of bearing assemblies
  • 2 M5x35 screws
  • 2 M5 low profiles nuts


Front view, the bearings align themselves inside the plastic part cavity.

Each assembly will get aligned with a screw hole on each side of the plastic part.


The M5x35mm screws will maintain everything together.

The M5 nuts will prevent the screws from getting out.





Note the location of the low profile nuts. On each side of the plastic part you will find some special grooves dedicated for these nuts.



On the right side, you will find these special grooves for M5 nuts.






Place the nuts inside and finish screwing the screws. You can use Liquid paper glue to keep the nuts in place.






Flanged nut holder

This plastic part is the support for the flanged nut and the Trap lead screw.of the z axis.

It also has special holes for the bearing system.





Place the 2 plastic parts in front of each other and insert a set of bearing in between.






Use the M5x35mm screws to keep the whole system in place and use the M5 low profile nuts to keep everything tight

Note again the location of the nut’s groove.





Here a top view showing the other side of with bearing set.


In order to make sure this jaws will properly fit around the extrusion profiles, you need to add bearings all around it.



Here is another view.






Front view showing the remaining set of bearings






In the end:

In the end  your jaws should look like this.






PDF 3D: Motor jaws


Idler jaws

The assembly here is very similar to the previous one. Only 1 plastic part is different the « slider idler » .

List of parts:

  • 1 « Back Slider » (plastic part)
  • 1 « Slider Idler » (plastic part)
  • 16 bearings (625)
  • 16 M5 washers
  • 8 spacers(orange)
  • 8  M5 low profile nuts
  • 8 M5x35mm screws



Here is the part the is different from the previous assembly

Start with this one.





Side assembly

Front view

Final view

PDF 3D: Idler jaws