Chassis assembly


Overall Chassis

Vue de faceChassis assembly

See the Pdf3D for an overall view of the chassis assembly

Building the base of the chassis

  • Scalar L:
    • 4 Extrusion profiles 3030 50cm
  • Scalar XL & Scalar XL Premium:
    • 2 Extrusions profiles 3030 40cm
    • 2 Extrusion profiles 3030 60cm
  • Scalar XL 40:
    • 2 Extrusions profiles 3030 50cm
    • 2 Extrusions profiles 3030 60cm
  • 4 simple squares
  • 8 M6x12 screws
  • 8 M6 TNut


Take 4 squares and assemble the screws and the tnuts.





Scalar L: Take 4 extrusion profiles of 50cm long and place them as shown on the images


Scalar XL & Scalar XL Premium:  The 2 40cm extrusion profiles are to be placed on both right and left side of the chassis.

Scalar XL40 :  The 2 50cm extrusion profiles are to be placed on both right and left side of the chassis.

The other 2 60cm extrusion profiles are to be placed at the top and bottom on this schematic.









Bring them together and attach the squares on each cornes.












Each square goes on each corner. The TNut must be placed as shown on the image.









When tightening the screw, the tnut must turn inside the extrusion profile of about 1/4 of turn.

Make sure the Tnut has made a 1/4 of turn, otherwise it won’t hold properly things together.




Make sure the squares are properly aligned and the nut are also properly placed before tightening.




The overall base of the chassis should look like this.

Scalar XL & Scalar XL Premium: The longer extrusion profiles must be placed on Top and Bottom based on this schematic










PDF 3D : Base of the chassis

Z assembly

List of parts:

  • 2 big squares
  • 8 M6x12mm screws
  • 8 TNuts
  • 2 Extrusion profiles 50cm long
  • 1 Allen key


Scalar L: Measure 120mm from each side based on the 50cm extrusion profile.

Scalar XL Premium: Measure 120mm from each side based on the 60cm extrusion profile.

Scalar XL Premium 40: Measure 173mm from each side based on the 60cm extrusion profile.

120mm is the location where you can place the Z axis extrusions.

The picture is a back view of the machine

Note the location of the large squares toward the front of the chassis.

Once in place, hold the Z extrusion profiles using a big Square

Montage des montantsImportant Note:

Place the big Squares so that the plain triangle shaped of the square is placed toward the inside of the printer.












Top bar assembly

List of parts

  • 2 small Squares
  • 4 M6x12mm screws
  • 4 Tnuts
  • 1 Allen key
  • Scalar L
    • 1 50cm extrusion profile
  • Scalar XL / XL 40
    • 1 60cm extrusion profile


For this  step, take the remaining extrusion profile and place it on top.

Hold it in place using 2 small squares and 2 sets of M6x12 screw and Tnut


The extrusion profile should fit on top of the chassis and should fit properly at both ends.




List of parts

  •  6 plastic covers

Take 6 plastic covers





Push them on each extrusion profiles ends.





You might need to force a little bit in order to push them up to the end. you can use an Hammer to do that.




Final result