PS_ON kit assembly


PS_ON kit wiring diagram

PS_ON kit wiring diagram

Working principle

This kit allows to electrically switch off your 3D printer when your print are finished

In order to achieve this, a power câble is being instrumented, and a static relay provide enough control for the 3D printer controler to allow this feature to work.

STL of the enclosure

The PS_ON enclosure box is available for download on thingiverse

Wiring in few steps

diagramme kit PS_ON
diagramme kit PS_ON

Detailed steps for wiring in pictures


Modular switch

Power supply coord preparation

Power coord connection to static relay

Soldering of brown and yellow/green wires

After soldering the pairs of electric wires, make sure that the thrincable tubing is placed over the soldering location. Also make sure to thrink the tube using a matches, lighter…

Securing power cables

Signal cable wiring

In certain kits, this wire might already be wired to the static relay unit.

In the other case make sure to cut the 2 pins connector from the cable and to keep the part with the 3 pins connector.

Securing the signal wire inside the enclosure

Closing the enclosure


Connection on 3D printer Controler board(Ramps 1.4)

 PS_ON module only:

The 2 arrows shows where to connect the wires from the PS_ON Module

  • The black wire is to be connected at the bottom of the schematic
  • The red wire is to be connected at the top of the schematic

raccordement du kit PS_ON sur Ramps 1.4

raccordement du kit PS_ON sur Ramps 1.4

PS_ON Module + BLTouch:

  • The module has 1 black connector with 3 pins
  • Only 2 pins are connected to this black connector
  • You need to remove the metallic connector
  • You might need a thin blade in order to lift the strips and pull the wire to remove it from the black housing.

Use the provided 2×1 Pin housing

raccordement du kit PS_ON sur Ramps 1.4

  • Insert the metallic connector inside. You should hear a « click » sound once properly in place
  • You should have this

raccordement du kit PS_ON sur Ramps 1.4

You will need to add the jumper where shown on the schematic below.

The black and red wire location is also shown on the schematic

raccordement du kit PS_ON sur Ramps 1.4

Gcode changes in your slicer (CURA)

PS_ON et Cura