Protect your 3d printer fans


Protecting your 3D printer fans is increasing the lifespan of your 3D printer!

Protecting them from what?

  • From dust that can:
    • Reduce the performances of the fan
    • Increase fan’s coil temperature
    • Generate vibration due to non homogeneous dust repartitions
    • Making your fan noisy
  • From screw driver hitting the blades (when we have to tinker something)
  • from your fingers or any other object touching the fan’s blades

How to protect them?

filtre à air pour ventilateur 40mm

Important points about dust filters:

They will protect your fans from dust but might decrease maximum airflow by doing so.

So make sure to never use dust filters on Hotends cooling fans as they always need to keep their maximum airflow.

in this case consider cleaning them often manually.

grille de protection pour ventilateur 30mm

  • Against screw drivers hitting the blades