HotEnd Installation (AluHotEnd V7)


List of parts :

  • 1 assembled hot end (here AluHotEnd V7)
  • 1 inductor probe
  • 3 x M3x8 screws
  • 4 x M3x16 screws
  • 4 vis M3x20 screws
  • 1 x M4x20 screws
  • 1 Fan provided with the hot end(40 mm)
  • 1 couple of plastic parts to support the hot end
  • 1 blower fan
  • 1 blower fan support
  • 1 PTFE tube
  • (not providedi) screw driver

The bag provided should look like the one on the picture. It contains all the parts needed to achieve the assembly.






Once opened you should have the following parts







Take the hot end bloque assembled without the screws.







Open it.

You will have 3 separate parts:

  • 1 base support (here in the middle)
  • 1 inductive probe support (here on the left)
  • 1 wired hot end.




We are now going to prepare the base suppot to get it ready to be installed on the X axis carriage.





Take 2x M3x20 screws







Start to insert them inside the central holes.

Insert them untill they start to go out of the on the opposite side..

The assembly should look like the picture.



Behing it should look like this, with the screws at the border limit.





Now go on you X carriage.

The process is the same for both Scalar M and Scalar XL.

The hole colums allows you to adjust the height of the hot end later on if you need to.

But for now use the last to at the bottom of the carriage.

The pictures shows you which holes to take..




Place the base support in front of these holes.

Tighten the screws using very little strength so that you keep the whole assembly tight.





Now insert the hot end inside the dedicated groove as shown on the picture.

make sure that the wires are placed so that they go left.




Now take the inductor support.

Start to insert the 2 x M3x20 screws inside the dedicated holes. The picture tells you which one to use.





The screws should also slightly exit on the other side .







Place this support on top of the hot end and don’t touche the Screws yet!

Place the fan (here 40mm) on the right side of the assembly.

Use 4 M3x16mm screws and slightly screw them loose so that the fan keep it’s place.


The front view should look like this.

No screws are tighten yet.

The fan will hold properly the inductor holder.

If you tighten the inductor holder first, the fan hole might not be aligned anymore with it’s screws.


Once you have checked that all is aligned you can tighten the fan screws.

Note that the the screws of the inductor holder are yet not tighten.





Now you can finish to screw the inductor probe support.

The left screw should allow you to go a little bit further than the right one. It should make sure that the hot end is properly hold in place..




Now take the blower fan support as well as 2 M3x8mm screws (the shorter ones!)

This part allows to keep in place the blower fan in a vertical manner. It also guide the airflow toward the hotend’s nozzle tip.




Same here, start to insert the screws until they reach the other side of the plastic part.

The holes we are using here are the one at the 2nd row of holes starting from the bottom.

This design allows to adjust the height of the air flow based on the hot end you are using.









Here the screw driver shows you the holes to use to fix the blower fanholder.

They are the 2 holes located below the one used to secure the inductor support in place.




On this picture, the second hole to use.







Now place the blower fan holder so that the screws are aligned with their holes.

Here also make sure to go easy with the screws.





The side views of the assembly







The fan shroud should point to the nozzle tip.






Now take the blower fan







unroll the wires.







Place it on it’s support so that the fan output is placed toward the bottom.

At the top you will find 2 holes slightly shifted.

Place the fan so that the holding hole is aligned with 1 of the 2 holes on the support. Take the one you feel is best.



Use the last M4x20 screw (the bigger one) to keep the fan in place.

here we choose the top hole.





Once the blower fan in place, the setup should look like this picture.






The inductor probe comes last.








Remove the bottom nut and washer.

Take some time to place the remaining washer and nut slightly above the middle of the probe thread.





Insert the probe inside the last dedicated hole.







Try to place it so that the bottom blue end cap of it is slightly above the hot end tip. We will come back to it alter on when you will setup your electronics.





You can put back the washer and it’s nut to secure the probe in place.





Finish by placing the PTFE tube inside the pneumatic connector and you are done.