Heat bed Study for Scalar XL – Test 1


Into this initial solution, we are using existing solutions with 2 standard 12V heat beds and 1 power supply for each heat bed.

The heat beds are driven using DC static relays.

The setup

Setup details:

  • Heat beds: 2
  • Bed 1: MK1a (the thermistor is under this one) powered by PSU N°1 (360W)
  • Bed 2: MK2B powered by PSU N°2 (300W)
  • Initial Temperature: 19°C
  • Target Temperature: 110°C
  • Bed print surface: 2 x 3mm thick mirrors 20x20cm
  • Insulation: silver 2mm thick insulator covered by Kapton tape

Temperature curves:

The red curve is the heating profile, when we apply the 110°C target.
The blue curve is the cooling profile, when the target temperature is set to 0°C.Here the power supplies are OFF.

At the bottom of each graph you have the time in seconds

On the left of the graphs you have the temperature in °C


While heating we have:

  • 60°C in 3min 20 (200 sec)
  • 110°C in 19 min 50s (1190 sec)

We must wait 8 min 41sec to cool down from 110°C to 60°C

Even if it’s seems a long time before we reach the 110°C (about 20 minutes), the time we need to reach 60°C is more reasonable.

This test is the reference test that we will use to compare the results of the others tests later on.