Heat bed Study for Scalar XL – Test 9


Now that we know better the impact on the insulation material over the heatbed performances, we are going to see how to reach 110°C.

For this we are going to test a custom made 700W 220V silicon heater (400x300mm)

Update : this model is installed by default on our Scalar XL!

The setup:

Very similar to the previous test. here we keep the aluminum plate that has a great heat spread on the whole surface.

We add the insulation foil previously tested.

From top to bottom:

  • Aluminum plate
  • 1 700W silicone heater
  • Insulation foil
  • Wood plate

Setup details:

  • Heat beds: 1
  • Heater: 1x700W 300x400mm
  • Initial Temperature: 22°C
  • Target Temperature: 110°C
  • Print Surface: 1x 3mm aluminum plate (435x320mm)
  • Insulator: Foil insulator

Temperature profiles:

The red curve is the heating profile, when we apply the 110°C target.
The blue curve is the cooling profile, when the target temperature is set to 0°C.Here the power supplies are OFF.

At the bottom of each graph you have the time in seconds

On the left of the graphs you have the temperature in °C



While heating we have:

  • 60°C in 1 min 07 (67 sec)
  • 110°C in 3 min 06s (186 sec)

The system can easily reach 110°C! The temperature profile is nearly linear and we feel that we can go higher in temperature!

We need to wait 8 min 12 sec (492 sec) to cool down from 110°C to 60°C

Comparison with previous test :

Here the results are barely comparble because we go from 400W to 700W. However we can still have a notice a few things:

  • We can easily reach 110°C in 3 minutes
  • The ability of this system to keep the heat has also increased!

Compared with test 2, which is giving us the best results until now over 8 differents tests, we have:

  • The heating time to reach 60°C has decreased by 123%
  • The heating time to reach 110°C has also decreased by 80%!