Heat bed Study for Scalar XL – Test 6


in this solution, we are studying the addition of the cork layer below the foil insulator. We are ading the 2mm thick cork sheet to the systems described on test 5.

The insulation fois allows to revert back the IR radiation to the aluminum surface, it seems to be the best location for it to be against the heating element.

The cork sheet here will telle us if we can get an extra gain of performance for all the heat spreading below the plate.

The setup

Very similar to the previous test, the cork layer is against the MDF plate .

From to to bottom layer we have:

  • Aluminum plate
  • 2 heating plates
  • Insulator foil
  • Cork
  • Wood plate

Setup details:

  • Heat beds: 2
  • Bed 1: MK1a (with the thermistor) powered by PSU N°1 (360W)
  • Bed 2: MK2B powered by PSU N°2 (300W)
  • Initial Temperature: 24°C
  • Target Temperature: 110°C
  • Print Surface: 1x 3mm aluminum plate (435x320mm)
  • Insulator: insulator sheet + 2mm insulator sheet

Temperature profile:

The red curve is the heating profile, when we apply the 110°C target.
The blue curve is the cooling profile, when the target temperature is set to 0°C.Here the power supplies are OFF.

At the bottom of each graph you have the time in seconds

On the left of the graphs you have the temperature in °C



While heating we have:

  • 60°C in 3 min 59 (239 sec)
  • 100°C in 31 min 03s (1863 sec)

The system can barely reach 100°C!

And we need to wait 6 min 22 sec (382 sec) to cool down from 100°C to 60°C

Comparaison par rapport au test précédent:

Compared with  test 5 it still seems worth even with the addition of the cork layer:

  • The heating time increases by 28% to reach 60°C
  • The heating time increase by 35%  to reach 100°C MAX!
  • The heated cools down 3% faster

Adding the cork below the insulation foil strangely decreases the performance of the insulation!