Extruder Assembly


List of parts for E3D Hot end

List of parts for standard Hot end

Listof parts :

  • 2 M3X60mm screws
  • 2 vis M3x30mm screws
  • 4 vis M3x8mm screws
  • 4 M3 Washer
  • 4 M3 nuts
  • 2 3mm compression spring
  • 2 M4x20mm screws
  • 2 M4 nuts
  • 1 M8x60  hobbed bolt
  • 4 M8 Washer
  • 2 M8 nut
  • 1M8 nylstop nut
  • 3 608ZZ bearing
  • 1 plastic Washer
  • 1 cylinder 8x20mm
  • 1 48mm stepper motor
  • 1 pneumatic connector (plastic or metalic)
  • 1 extruder set of plastic parts
  • 1 support for the extruder compatible with 30×30 extrusions

Bearing bloc assembly:


List of parts :

  • 1 cylinder 8x20mm
  • 1 608zz bearing
  • 1 plastic part






Take the 608zz bearing and the small cylinder.







Insert the cylinder inside the bearing so that the bearing is centered on it:







Now tack the plastic part and push the bearing inside the dedicated slot, it should snap inside:







You can use some flat pliers to push it inside the slot if it’s too hard.






Main body assembly:


List of parts :

  • 1 previously assembled bearing part
  • 1 M3x30mm screw
  • 1 M3 washer
  • 1 extruder main body (buda)



Now take the main extruder’s body (also called « buda« )  and a M3x30mm screw and it’s washer.

Place the idler on the side of the main body, you will find a special hole to screw the idler on it.



Fix the idler on it until the screw blocks. The idler must still be able to rotate around the screw freely






Main body preparation:


List of parts :

  • Main extruder body already mounted
  • 2 M3x 60 screws
  • 2 M3 compression springs
  • 2 M3 washers
  • 2 M3 Nuts
  • 2 608ZZ bearings
  • 1 plastic washer



Insert the M3X60mm screws with their washer and compression spring at the top of the main body. You should find 2 special holes where the screws can go. On the top you will also find 2 small slots, big enough to insert 2 M3 nuts. You will then need to screw the long screws inside those nuts to hold the whole system together.




Turn the main body and insert the plastic washer inside the round as shown on the picture. The washer is slightly tilted so that you can see it properly on the picture, but you must push it all the way inside the slot.





Now insert the 608ZZ bearing in over the plastic washer. It should come at the same level as the main body as on the picture.






Now turn the extruder and insert the 2nd bearing inside the similar slot.





Preparation of the stepper motor and the gear wheels:

List of parts :

  • 1 M3 Nut
  • 1 small geared plastic wheel
  • 1 big plastic wheel
  • 1 48mm stepper motor
  • 1 M3x8mm screw
  • 1  M8x60 hobbed bolt
  • 4 M8 whashers


Take the small geared wheel and inside a M3 nut inside the small slot at the bottom of the wheel.






Take good care to align the nut hole with the hole on the side of the plastic wheel






Push the wheel on the stepper motor shaft and secure it with a M3x8mm screw






Take the big wheel and the M8x60 hobbed bolt with 4 metal washers:






Insert the Hobbed bolt inside the Plastic wheel. Take care to place the screw hex head so that it goes straight inside the hex shaped slot on the wheel:






Return the wheel and lay it flat







Insert the 4 metallic washers







Place the whole assembly back on the main body of the extruder as shown on the picture:







Place the the stepper motor behind so that the small wheel is properly aligned with the big wheel. Secure the motor with a first M3x8mm screw.





The next picture shows you where is the 2nd slot for the screw.

The 3rd screw has to be installed just near the bottom of the extruder, you should figure it easily.





You can now tighten the big wheel by using 2 M8 nuts side by side

Make sure to slightly tighten the wheel , because the wheel must always move freely without too much force on it, else the whole assembly will get stuck and your stepper motor won’t be able to push this wheel

You can then tighten the 2 M8 Nuts one against the other and help yourself with 2 hex keys

Now you can place the optional Nylstop nut (the nut with some plastic inside) to prevent any Nut from going out


Last part

List of parts :

  • 2 M3x30 screws with hex head
  • 2 M3 washers
  • 2 M3 nuts
  • 1 plastic part
  • 1 Allen key


Prepare the screws and the washers.

Screw them inside the small holes at the very bottom of the main body. The goal here is to fix the plastic part on the bottom of the main body.

Notice however that one side of the plastic part is flat and the other one is not. make sure to insert it the proper side




Before  screwing up to the end, make sure you put some M3 nuts on the other side of the main body. This part is optional however as the screws should be far enough to keep the whole thing together






Now prepare the extruder support.

Place it as showed in the picture, and insert 2 M4x30 screws.

On the opposite side you will find 2 M4 nut slots. Place 2 M4 nuts inside and screw everything together.




Take the pneumatic connector and insert it on the side of the extruder support. There is a hole big enough to accept the connector. Go slowly to prevent the extruder support from braking.

The picture here shows the metallic pneumatic connector in place





On this picture you have the example of the plastic pneumatic connector