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GcodePreprocessor Gcode Toolbox is a Gcode pre-processing software.

It allows to use advanced firmware features of your 3D printer.



Gcode Toolbox


List of functionalities

  • Incremental Bed leveling: allows to perform auto bed leveling probes only where your printed object is located.
  • Auto Shutdown when print finish: Allows to shutdown your 3D printer when it’s connected to the PS_ON module
  • ZFade: Allows to fade auto leveling based on layer height
  • Add Music when print finishes: activated an audible notification when your print is finished


This list is give for information purpose and my not be accurate.

Gcode Toolbox compatibility depends mainly on how the gcode was generated by the slicers softwares.

Moreover, Gcode Toolbox adds new instructions that your firmware needs to support.



  • Cura 15.XX.XX
  • Cura 2.XX (not tested)
  • Simplify3D

3 simple steps

The software has 3 main buttons:

  1. Browse: allows to load your existing *.Gcode file
  2. Analyze from: trigger the gcode analysis
  3. Save: saves the changes into a new gcode file.

Loading Gcode

This application is a Gcode Pre-processor

It needs an existing gcode in order to work.

Input file Analysis

Gcode Toolbox must parse the entire file in order to extract useful information from it.

Main information is:

  • Min and Max location of the object to be printed
  • detects if advanced features are already managed (Zfade, multi extrusion, music, AutoShutdown…)

Optional information:

  • what metric system is used
  • layers count
  • first layer height
  • layer height of the other layers
  • filament quantity

Analysis anchors

GcodePreprocesseur - analyse

In order to work, Gcode Toolbox needs to locate the location of the printed object.

It parses the entire file and interpret it.

In order to get useful information from it, Gcode Toolbox removes the beginning and the ending of the gcode.

In order to accurately locate the location of these sequences, the software has 2 lists shown on the picture

The left list determines the anchors used for the « End of the start sequence »

The right list is for the « beginning of the end sequence »

These anchors can be added/updated/removed directly from your slicer.

Here is an example inside Cura 15.XX.XX, showing where the start and edn gcode sequence is located.

Here, the anchor for the end gcode is located at the beginning of the gcode

Incremental bed leveling

This feature will only work if your start.gcode has G29 instruction set for Marlin Firmware and G31 for Smoothieware Firmware.

Incremental bed leveling generates a virtual square using the location of the object to be printed.

It then adds a security « margin‘ (in mm) around the object.

Then, the proper gcode is generated so that the probing points locations are located around your object only.

Some sanity checks are made in order to prevent critical issues such as

  • a valid margin is applied
  • Object coordinates are positive

For Delta printers

Delta printers are using negative coordinates.

In order to prevent any issues with this a special check box is available « Delta »

Auto shutdown (module PS_ON)

This feature requires that the « PS_ON » module is connected on your printer.

It will generate the proper set of Gcodes at the end of your existing file.

In order to work properly, it will make sure that all the heating elements have reached a « cold » temperature, before shutting down the printer.

Parameter « Minimum temperature« , allows to set the minimum temperature to reach before shutting down.

It is important to note that your need to use a value higher than your ambient temperature otherwise the printer will get stuck waiting for cooldown.

A good starting point is around 40/50°C.

Attention également à utiliser une valeur inférieure à 75°C si vous utilisez du PLA.

« ZFade » feature

ZFade allows to gradually reduce auto bed leveling compensation until the target height is reached (in mm).

If you have activated the auto bed leveling, your machine will always compensate during the whole print.

With this feature, the printer no longer compensates once the target height has been reached (here 2mm).

This will allows the top of your object to be as flat as possible based on your machine structure.

Add music at the end of your prints

The LCD screen buzzer is used in order to generate « 8bits » tones at the end of your print.

Gcode Toolbox is provided with a few tones you can try.

The list on the left is the list of available tones.

The other list shows the generated gcode for this tone.

Warning, This feature will only work if your hardware and your firmware supports such feature.

Deleting original files on save

This feature allows to remove the original file after saving the changes.

By default the software will save the changes into a file with « _i » appended at the end of the original filename and location.

if you save all your gcodes on a SD card, you can easily get confused between the non processed and the processed files.

This let’s you work directly on your SD card and removes any doubles in the filenames.