Boitier électronique pour cartes MKS GEN

Electronic enclosure for MKS GEN 1.4 and GEN-L board


Scalar Boîtier électronique MKS

We have recently published a new electronic box compatible with Scalar S / M / L XL / XLP.

Where to download it?

This box is available for free download on our dedicated Thingiverse page:

What’s news with this enclosure?

It is compatible with these controller boards

You can also include a Raspberry pi 2 / 3


What are the differences with the previous enclosure?

  • The USB connector is now on top
  • The enclosure is slightly taller
  • The enclosure is thinner
  • 2 specials holes are dedicated for LED WS2812 that will give you a visual status on your printer status.

How to assemble the box?

boîtier MKS pour Scalar

It contains 7 plates

  • 1 base where all the other plates will attach (compatible with 3030 extrusions or 2020 depending which version you print)
  • 1 front facade where the RepRapDiscount LCD2004 screen will fit
  • 1 bottom side that will fit 3030 extrusion profiles or 2020 extrusion profiles (check which version you print)
  • 2 side plates
  • 1 top plate (Top) with a dedicated hole for MKS USB cable
  • 1 back plate (2 models):

This last plate contains also

How to attache plates together?

you will need a few plastic screws

What are the tips and limitations to know?

  • The bottom plate can be glued to the base. 2 screws can be used to hold things together while the glue is setting. You can remove these screws afterward when you will need to place the enclosure on top of an extrusion profile
  • The base plate and the bottom plate are compatible only with 3030 extrusion profiles.

How many print hours do i need to make the enclosure?

You will need (with a 0.8mm nozzle and 0.2mm layers):

  • +3 hours for the front plate
  • 2h30 for the base
  • 1h30 for each side plates
  • 2 hours for each remaining plates (3 plates)

For a total of about 13h of printing

Can i buy the enclosure already assembled?

The enclosure is available here