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List of 3Dtox nozzles tips for your 3D printer


3Dtox is a filtration system that is filtering most of particles generated by plastics used on 3D printers.

The system allows to suck and filter most of the particles generated though an adapted filter. This filter is able to cope with most of the particles and gazes generated by 3D printers filaments

our study (available here )allows to understand what kind of gazes/particles are emitted by 3D printers filaments such as ABS. It also describes what kind of filter to use in order to safely cope with these.

3Dtox also integrates a builtin display that will give you the printing time duration and will also tell you when to change the integrated filter to keep the best performance possible.

How to get 3Dtox

3Dtox  is available on our website here:


3Dtox kit allows to integrate the system on most reprap 3D printers on the market. Thanks to specially designed nozzle tips that will suck the generated particles as close as possible from the 3d printer nozzle.

If you cannot find any nozzle tips for your machine, please make sure to contact us at so that we can design a nozzle tip for your system.

Available nozzle tips

3DTox Nozzle tip for CR-10 3D printer


3DTox - Hephestos 2