Bed Upgrade – Rails / Carriage assembly


Y Carriage


This carriage is compatible with 2 types of sliding solution:

  • Wheels
  • Industrial MGN12 linear rails

You will find the assembly instruction for both of these options.

In both scenarios the plastic parts are all the same

Wheels carriage

You can find a few pictures of the already assembled rail in order to have an idea of the final look of the assembly.

Bottom view







Top view






Rail on extrusion profile




MGN12 guiding solution

The MGN12 rails are placed between the 2 red plastic parts.








The big plastic part has some removal supports that needs to be removed before assembly.


The supports are enlighten here in orange and are destined to be removed.

The newly available holes will be used to place the scre head inside.

Wheel version

Parts you will need

  • 3 M5x45mm screw with Hex head
  • 3 nylstop M5 nuts
  • 4 M3x8 thermoplastic screws
  • 6 M5 washers
  • 6 M5 spacers (in orange)
  • 3 Wheels with bearings
  • 1 top carriage (plastic part)
  • 1 bottom carriage (plastic part)
  • 2 belt clamps (plastic parts) (located in top left corner)

Exploded view:

The drawing here allows to see how to assemble all parts together.

Each wheel is spaced by 10mm spacers on each sides.

Between Spacers and the plastic parts you need to place a M5 washer.

M5x45 screws are taking everything in sandwich and a M5 nylstop Nut is tightening up everything together.

Caution on your tightening!

Tighten reasonably. If you use too much torque the wheel’s bearings will block and it will prevent the  wheel from moving freely.

The Nylstop nut allows to make sure it won’t unscrew with vibration.

A good tightening torque allows

  • Keep everything rigid
  • remove the play between components
  • Allow the wheels to keep moving freely

PDF 3D : Exploded view of the carriage

Belt clamp assembly

The small belt clamps allows later on to tighten the belt and keep it in place.

Each clamp is held into place using 2 M3X8mm thermoplastic screws

Here is an exploded view of the whole thing

PDF 3D : Complete exploded view


Industrial MGN12 version assembly

Needed Parts

  • 3 M5x45mm screws
  • 3 nylstop M5 nuts
  • 4 thermoplastic M3x8mm screws
  • 6 M5 washers
  • 9 M5 spacers (10mm height)
  • 1 rail MGN12 (400mm long)
  • 4 M3x8mm screws
  • 1 top carriage (plastic part)
  • 1 bottom carriage (plastic part)
  • 2 belt clamps (plastic part)

 MGN12 fixation on the top carriage

You will need 4 M3x8mm screws to hold the MGN12 rail on the plastic top carriage

The fixation holes of the rail should align properly with those of the plastic carriage.

Exploded view

Here same principle as the wheel version, both plastic parts parts are interposing a series of

  1. 1 M5 washer
  2. 3 M5 spacer
  3. 1 M5 washer
  4. 1  M5 Nylstop nut

On the bottom carriage the belt clamps are held by 2 M3X8 thermo screws each.

Once assembled the Carriage should look like this

PDF 3D : Full view of the MGN12 carriage