Aluminium spool holder assembly


Aluminium spool holderThis page shows how to assemble the aluminium spool holder of the Scalar 3D printer.

This support is modular and allows to hold the spool in an efficient way.

The aluminium extrusions have very low friction, wich is very nice for the spool to rotate freely.

You can also change/rearange the position of each elements as you wich, so it better fits your application.

list of partsList of parts:

  • 5 Tnuts
  • 5 M6x12 screws
  • 2 3030 square holders
  • 2 200mm long aluminium extrusion
  • 1 spool end stop (green part)




Spool holder assembly

profilé aluminium 200mm de longYou will need 200mm long extrusion profiles





profilé aluminium 200mm de longPrepare the square holders with Tnuts and screws

assemblage des profilés

assemblage des profilés

PDF 3D : Spool holder

Assembly on chassis

Installation sur le châssis

Installation sur le châssisInstallation sur le châssis