12V 360W power supply installation


List of parts

  • Power supply unit 220V – 12V 360W 30A previously assembled (see this article)
  • 3 M6x12 screws
  • 3 M6 T-Nut
  • 2 M4x10mm screws
  • 1 power supply support
  • 1 side support
  • [provided] 1 allen key
  • [not provided ] 1 cruciform screw diver

Take the Power supply support that will maintain the PSU in place.

Prepare 2 set of screws/T-Nut on the 2 M6 holes.




Look for the 2 side screws that will be used to screw the support.





On one side of the power supply, you will find at the bottom only 1 screw hole and on the other side you will get 2.




Now take the 2 M4x10mm screws





Place the support the 2 holes on the support are aligned with the ones on the power supply




Start by inserting the first M4 screws so that you can  hold the support and the power supply together.





Now do the same for the 2nd screw





Slowly aligne the Power supply unit on the side of the vertical aluminum extrusion.

When the square holders of the vertical mounts are in front of you this should be on the left of the chassis as exposed on the picture.

You should be able to slide the T-Nuts inside the vertical slot of the extrusion.


Once inside the slot the power supply should be parallel to the vertical extrusion.





Align the top of the of the power supply with the top of the chassis. If you have followed the previous steps properly the IEC power plug and the power switch should be the closest of the chassis.




Now screw the M6 screw to hold the power supply in place.





The second screw is only here to secure the whole assembly.





Take the side support that allows to make sure the power supply stay still.

Prepare a set of screw/T-Nut as shown on the picture.




Screw it as high as possible inside the chassis . Here is touching the top square holder

The plastic is flexible enough, so you should find it easy  to place the plastic part around the power supply.